She He They

Premier   He is a musician, an aritist, a fasion designer, an androgynous model, a transgender man, a student ... but most importantly, he is HIM. If you want to watch the video, please send me an email.

A Man Trapped in Today

Premier    A man trapped in one day wanted to change his life but he failed again.

A Love story in Qing Dynasty

3Ds Max & Premier & AfterEffect   Xingde Nalan, a genius in Qing Dynasty fell in love with this beautiful girl who was forced to marry the King.

A Glimpse at Daguan Garden

3Ds Max & Premier & AfterEffect   Have you read The Dream of the RedChamber´╝čIf you do, this video will remind you of the lost love.

What do you think about gay people?

Premier   Most Chinese people think gay people are different from normal people.

College Elf

Premier    Well, This is just for fun!

International Students Reflect on the Boston Experience

Premier    We interviewed three students studying at Northeastern University about their impressions of Boston.

You can see a dynamic version of video page here or here.