The best town in N.J. ... for you!

D3.js, TweenMax.js    Click on 3-5 categories to narrow down what towns are the best fit for you.

Explore 17,354 officers who used force in N.J.

Three.js    Each dot represents one officer who used force in New Jersey from 2012 through 2016. This data viz provides users the power to interrogate every officer.

How a small terrier found adventure in Milton

The Boston Globe    One day, in the friendly little town of Milton, a mysterious visitor arrived out of the blue. No one could say where, exactly, the little dog had come from.

The elephant who lived

D3.js, video scrollytelling    One elephant’s incredible rescue from slaughter and unforgettable journey to peace. The project allows users to fly across the world with Joyce.

Boston. Racism. Image. Reality.

Leaflet.js, D3.js   Taking on​ the ​racial series with the Spotlight team has been one of the most challenging assignments.

What would you do? Take an immigrant’s journey.

Javascript    Here are eight immigrant stories, told through composite characters but based on real laws and historically documented scenarios.

Let's take a trip around the earth

Three.js    A 3-D view of the solar system shows how small and precious the Earth is.

11 months, 1 president, 2471 tweets

The Boston Globe   The sentiment analysis shows President Trump use more positive words when he mentioned Fox News, more negative words when he mentioned The New York Times.

The top 99 N.J. high school coaches of all time

D3.js    New Jersey’s top coaches of all-time, ranked No. 99 to No. 1. The projects attracted 100k user views and the average enagement time is about five minutes.

Good for a girl

premiere, bootstrap    This project combined video, audio, photos, and text to tell stories of female musicians who faced sexual harassment.

New Jersey's map of starts

Mapbox.js    Take a celebrity tour of the Garden State

How white are the Oscars?

The Boston Globe   For another year, Halle Berry will still be the only woman of color who has won Best Leading Actress since 1928.

A new identity beyond he and she

Personal project   The fight over pronouns is only part of the struggle for non-binary transgender people. It was written, shot, designed and developed by myself.

311 Requests in East Boston

Personal project   There were 12,964 requests for non-emergency city service through Bos:311 in East Boston in 2017. Understand them in the maps.

Why did Amazon selected these cities?

The Boston Globe   Amazon released a short list of 20 metro areas competing to host the online retailer’s second headquarters and its up to 50,000 workers. Let's meet the competitors.

Amazonions in Eastie

The Boston Globe   How Amazonions who may move to Eastie cause small shift in the diversity of the neighborhood as a whole?

What’s your chance of winning $1m

The Boston Globe   The odd is one in four million. But how large is that?

Words of 2017

The Boston Globe   Words of the year from Boston Globe's Ideas section. It was designed, developed and deployed by myself. The print version was also inspired by the digital design.

How hard-working are Hubway bikes

D3 & LeafLet & JavaScript   This graph visualized the utility rate of the Hubway bikes in Boston. You can check out all the trips for each bike.

Boston Crime Cases in 2016

D3 & LeafLet & JavaScript   This graph shows crime incidents happend in Boston in 2016.

Transgender and behind bars: In a prison of their own bodies

Bootstrap   One letter led to another, and another, until a story began to form. Corresponding with transgender inmates for over a year has revealed several systemic issues as well as controversial topics of debate.

Which city fits you best?

D3 & JQuery & JavaScript   This graph enables the users to choose the elements they care the most and then automatically select the city fits them best.